Dandelion Architect Team

Dandelion architect is a company that providing architecture, interior and landscape design services. With years of experience handling a lot of Indonesian building projects. We believe that designs must represent the needs of our clients and making the most ideal design of what clients dream. Giving the luxury vibes, space circulation, providing opened nature space, natural lighting and of course comfortable air circulation in every project that we design.

Dandelion architect is a Hi-tech company that always using the latest design into its projects.  From rendering visualization into animation, all of the designs are represented using realistic 3D software that operated by our skillful and trained architects. We always do our best at keeping our values as a hi-tech architecture service company.

Exterior "Point of Interest"

A good sense of space to develop a quality place to be will always be our objective. Other than that, we also aim for a beautiful place to be pleased. Never wonder how to start designing your own property, we’ll help you in every step of the design process until supervising the construction development.

Interior "Space Of Living "

There is thousands of material, different kind of furniture, and even different way to lighten up the ambience. We cultivate a good design interior space and a pleasant selection of furniture combined with a harmonious material scheme.

Landscape "Tropical Space"

Being in a tropical place, we are closely related to the nature. Landscape become one of the most important things to bring more value to your belongings. We will provide a varied choice of plants for each benefit, the layout, and the use of hardscape in the most effective way.